Workplace Challenges

Current realities in the workplace are calling for a change—the kind of change that Elevate Chaplains exists to effect. Here are some statistics that highlight the state of the workplace today:

Lack of Engagement

Only 27% of workers are fully engaged in their work, according to a CIO study.

Why does this happen?

In many cases, this is not a conscious choice. Workers are simply distracted by the issues they face in life.

Outside Issues

People bring outside issues into the workplace, such as divorce, domestic conflict or abuse, and addictions.

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This is not an event, but the beginning of a chain of events, affecting a person for several years. Over the course of seven years, a divorce will cost the employer nearly 1.5x the employee’s annual salary, according to NBJ.

Domestic abuse

A study on the subject reveals that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience partner abuse. 82% of victims report a drop in workplace performance.


Over 26% of employed adults deal with addiction or substance abuse in their family, and of those workers, 42% say that their productivity has suffered as a result, according to

Unhappy Employees

12% of businesses will face an employee lawsuit. The vast majority of these legal cases come from former employees.

According to, even when a lawsuit does not go all the way through the legal process, the average cost of an out-of-court settlement is $40,000.

It is a reality that several of your employees are facing significant life issues right now. Many of them are doing their best to handle them alone. In fact, far too many people are going at it alone now. According to a recent report put out by Psychology Today, nearly half of people in the United States report some sense of isolation. That translates to a lot of people in your workforce who have few people, if anyone, to talk to about their life issues.

This is where a chaplain—a professional friend—can be invaluable.

Being able to talk about these kinds of issues will lower your risk of turnover, lawsuits, and general employee disengagement.

While there is no guarantee that every issue will be addressed by a chaplain, many will be. It is amazing what a difference a listening ear can make for someone going through life’s challenges.

The good news is that, when the average unhappy employee becomes happy, more than a 20% rise in productivity takes place.

This could be your workers.
This could be your company.
This could be your story.

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