How This Works

What you and your employees can expect

Regular Worksite Visits

Your employees will have the opportunity to talk regularly with their chaplain about their life issues.

These regular conversations can serve as a pressure release valve, reducing worker stress, which naturally leads to a more stable work environment and an atmosphere of cooperation.

Crisis Care

Everyone experiences life’s unexpected turns: death, divorce, family conflict, illness—they happen to all of us.

As a ‘professional friend,’ your chaplain will be present in a crisis when requested because that is what friends do.

Your employees will be able to get back on their feet and recover more quickly.

While it is hoped that all employees will take advantage of these benefits, everything is voluntary. Your employees will have a choice in whether, when and where to engage with their chaplain, and they can be assured that all conversations will be kept confidential.

The Chaplain Will NOT:

  • Judge any lifestyle
  • Interfere with work
  • Force a conversation
  • Discuss matters of faith against anyone’s wishes
  • Violate confidentiality*

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More Details

Crisis care includes things such as hospitalization, incarceration, death of an employee or a family member, and family crisis — any event that may disrupt life or work.

Conversations regarding faith will only take place with permission. The guiding principle here is that the chaplain is present to help people any way they want to be helped. So, if an employee wants help in matters regarding faith, the chaplain will provide help, just like in any other area of life.

Meetings with the chaplain can be arranged at a neutral location away from the workplace.

The chaplain is also available to attend, assist with, or conduct funerals upon request.

*Exceptions to confidentiality: If a law is being broken, or if there is potential harm to any individual or to the company

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