Chaplaincy for Ministries and Churches

If anyone needs a listening ear or someone to wash their feet, it is people who serve faithfully in ministry.

Here is the reality: A report released in 2020 reveals that, of people on church staff:

  • 70% don’t feel they have someone they can call a close friend
  • 54% feel overwhelmed by the task assigned to them
  • 35% deal with depression or anxiety
  • 34% wrestle with pornography

These statistics may seem shocking at first. 
But if you think about it, you and your fellow ministers face challenges just like everyone else.  
The problem is that people in ministry often feel like they have nowhere to go, no one to talk to. 

Please know: You don't have to make it through your years of ministry alone.

In a perfect world, people on church staff would be open and communicate openly with their senior pastor and each other, but this kind of transparency often carries a very real element of risk.

What if someone were to come in from outside the church to bless the ministry team and supplement the church's existing pastoral care to them?

Elevate Chaplains will send a chaplain in to make regular visits with those who serve on the ministry team, being for them what Ahithophel was to King David. 2 Chronicles 27:33 says that "Ahithophel was the king's friend." That is what everyone needs, including ministers!

A personal chaplain will:

  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Pray
  • Encourage

Over time, as ministry to your church staff begins to flourish, you will see a ripple effect:

  • Staff relationships will begin to improve
  • The benefit will spill over and bless the congregation
  • The blessing will spread to the community, as a renewed congregation begins to reach out

This could be your story!
Are you ready for a renewed team?

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