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These articles are for everyone and provide general encouragement.

Personal Development for Believers

While everyone is welcome to browse or read these articles, they will likely be of most interest to Christian believers.


These articles provide encouragement for specific seasons of the year.

Don't Look Now, But You're in a Wilderness

There is a worship song that is popular right now that says, “Jesus, You change everything.” But let’s be honest. Sometimes He doesn’t. Things stay the same, week after week, and even year after year. If nothing changes in spite of your efforts, you are likely in a wilderness situation. God has put you there for […]

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The Unexpected Pathway to Christmas

I want to suggest a principle for you to consider. It goes like this:  When God does a work, He makes preparation first.  Think about it: Before God made the first human being, He prepared an environment for him to live in first, as we read in Genesis 1. When God wanted to build a […]

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The Blessed Life, the Broken Life

When I was younger, as the reality of life started to unfold and I began to experience difficulties, I coped with it by assuming that my life was going to be mapped out in two phases—a period of brokenness and a period of blessing. Once the brokenness was over, when I had learned what I […]

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