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Elevate Chaplains was formed with you in mind, to help you in the area of employee care so that you can know that your workers are receiving quality individualized attention while you keep your focus on running your company, which benefits both them and you.

As you think about caring for your workers, consider this: Most problems in the workplace originate from the outside. Most company heads do not have the training or the time to provide help, so your workers’ needs are going largely unaddressed. Their source of help must come from somewhere else. This is where a corporate chaplain can make a difference for them and for you.

That is what a corporate chaplain is: a professional friend!

Elevate Chaplains was created to help develop a specific kind of community—one in which confident, loyal, focused employees are the rule and not the exception. A chaplain is trained to listen and ask questions, and has a heart for people—the kind that work in your company.

Over time, this level of care makes it possible for the right kind of workplace community to develop organically. Think about it—a few years from now, would you rather be where you are now, or would you rather see your work culture rise to a new level?

The choice is yours.

Meet the Chaplain

Randall Merrill

After spending most of his life in church work, Randall began to sense a desire to mix with people in the workforce outside of the church. He began working with Marketplace Chaplains in 2018 and served with them for nearly three years. At that point, he felt he would have more opportunities by starting his own chaplaincy firm, targeting companies of 100 employees or less. He is an ordained minister, has a Master of Divinity degree, and is currently working on his PhD degree in Old Testament studies. He and his wife have two grown children, each of whom have given them a granddaughter. Randall and his wife live in southeast Fort Worth with their dog and 9 fish.

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