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You love your company. You love your work, but if you think about it, not everyone shares your passion.

You may see disengagement surfacing from time to time in the form of apathy, absenteeism, and even body language.

The reality is that people have emotional baggage and do not always have a safe place to talk about the situations they find themselves in. You want to help, but you know your position prevents you from fully engaging in that role.


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In short, what they need is a person from the outside to take the role of a friend.

That is what a corporate chaplain is—a professional friend!

Workplace Chaplaincy

A chaplain will provide an opportunity for your employees to engage in brief, confidential conversations, and over time you will see:

  • Personal development in workers
  • Enhanced employee disposition
  • Rising morale

By taking care of your workplace community, you are taking care of your customers and yourself.

After all, happy, productive employees naturally translate to a successful company.

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