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You love your company. You love your work, but if you think about it, not everyone shares your passion.

You may see disengagement surfacing from time to time in the form of apathy, absenteeism, and even body language.

The reality is that people have emotional baggage and do not always have a safe place to talk about the situations they find themselves in. Even though you want to help, desire alone is not enough. You have a company to run, so that responsibility makes it impossible to fully engage in this kind of supportive role. So, what options do you have?

There is an employee-friendly option! As people, your empoyees need what everyone needs—someone who will walk with them, who shows concern for their concerns.

In short, what they often need is a person from the outside to walk with them in an informal way, to take the role of a friend.

That is what a corporate chaplain/care coach is—a professional friend!

Every employee is asking a set of questions that goes something like this:

Does this company really care about me?
Does it care about the "me" that exists outside of the company?
Am I just here to produce for them?

When you bring a corporate chaplain/care coach on board you are answering these questions.
Your workers will know that you have their best interests in mind.
This will bond them to you and your company because they will know that you care!

This is when workers get fully engaged.
This is when they go above and beyond without being asked.
And this is why companies hire a corporate chaplain/care coach.

The workers win.
The leadership wins.
The company wins!
And it all occurs organically, at a deep level.

By taking care of your workers, you are taking care of your customers and yourself.
Contented workers are more productive workers.
More productive workers make for a successful company.

Are you ready for a professional friend?

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